The Rug Gallery: Hotbed of Liberalism

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Our nation has elected our first black President.

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Then I apologize.

I meant exactly what I wrote about I hope it proves to be what you & everyone else who is so elated hope it will be, because if it is, then it will be FANTASTIC. I want to be wrong. I want to be happy about it too. But I don't see him (obviously) the way you do.

However, again I apologize. I didn't intend you to feel as if it was a direct attack upon you, I consider you & Eric friends & while I agree with y'all on many issues politically, I can't say I see this as being a victory or a good thing for our nation. I wouldn't have McCain either.

I didn't have a problem with you & again, apology that it felt like such.
I honestly thought I could respond like that without you taking it personally. I was wrong, so I apologize.

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