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Our nation has elected our first black President.

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Obama was not born into privilege. And I didn't directly compare Obama to FDR. I said this election was transformational like the 1932 election (at least, I hope). Voters ages 18-29 went for Obama by 66 percent--that points to a major realignment toward progressive values that will persist for decades.

I realize that I haven't been on LJ in weeks and have really been out of touch (due to work and other RL stuff). But on the first post I have made in weeks, in which I am obviously elated, you come in here and post comments that are factually incorrect, and frankly, condescending. It was kind of like having a glass of cold water tossed into my face.

"I hope it proves to be everything you've got in your head that it will be." What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

If you had a problem with me or with something I posted, I wish you had written me privately instead of starting something in a public post. That's what I would have done. That's what I'm planning on doing.

Then I apologize.

I meant exactly what I wrote about I hope it proves to be what you & everyone else who is so elated hope it will be, because if it is, then it will be FANTASTIC. I want to be wrong. I want to be happy about it too. But I don't see him (obviously) the way you do.

However, again I apologize. I didn't intend you to feel as if it was a direct attack upon you, I consider you & Eric friends & while I agree with y'all on many issues politically, I can't say I see this as being a victory or a good thing for our nation. I wouldn't have McCain either.

I didn't have a problem with you & again, apology that it felt like such.
I honestly thought I could respond like that without you taking it personally. I was wrong, so I apologize.

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