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KHOU has streaming video available here.

Over 2 million Centerpoint Energy customers alone are out of power.

That includes my entire family. They are all safe, just hot and bored. Mom can't cook because she has an electric stove; sisters have gas stoves. The city of Houston has advised people to stick to bottled water because contaminated water may make its way into the water supply due to pumping stations losing power.

East Galveston is trashed. Two-story high piles of debris across the roads; the storm even pushed erosion-control boulders across roads. Downtown Houston is littered with glass shards and heavy debris; it's still very dangerous because of debris falling from 30-40 stories up.

6,000 people are currently trying to call 911.

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What an awful mess! Galveston I expected to be devastated (based on history), but I'm sorry Houston was so badly damaged. ::hugs::

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