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The Rug Gallery: Hotbed of Liberalism

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This blog's primary reason for existing is to help me keep track of political information on the Web, and occasionally offer comment of my own. My interests include modern liberal religion and its place in public life, and opposition to the radical right's hijacking of public discourse. A confirmed blog addict, I read and recommend Atrios, Juan Cole, Digby, Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo, Alas a Blog, and the Center for American Progress, among many others. It should be painfully obvious that I am liberal-progressive and committed to throwing out the current squatter in the White House. That W's approval ratings are even as high as they are serves as proof that the right wing controls the flow of information in the United States.

I am not, nor will I ever be, a user of any service that defeats other journal's privacy filters.

Besides my political obsession, one of my personal obsessions is collecting tribal and "village" Oriental rugs. (Warning: if you ask me a question about them, I will not shut up.) One of my icons is a b/w version of a Turkmen Salor "gul," or carpet medallion. The Turkmen are a central Asian people who used to be the badasses of Bokhara until they met their defeat at the hands of the Russian army in the late 19th century. Traditionally they are some of the finest tribal weavers in the world. Nowadays Turkmen live in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan as well as their own country, Turkmenistan. My online friend Seyitguly, a Teke Turkmen, sells authentic Turkmen carpets on his website, www.turkmenistan-online.com.